We make Makenai. We are your partner in the technological challenge of Digitalisation of your business, in Communications, applications development and IOT solutions. Our goal is to make life simpler. Let's talk Face the challenge of Digitalisation At Makenai we are experts in helping our clients success in the challenge of digitizing their business. We offer solutions based on Communications, Application Development and IOT, to let you focuss on your business. Let's talk






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ADAPTABILITY. New technologies are changing the way we communicate and interact one another. Systems must adapt to the new needs of your clients (both internal and external).

Software development

AGILE. Improve the performance of your business and business development with new applications. We assign the best team according to the needs of your project, Scrum development team (front, back, UX, QA, etc.), Product Owner and Scrum Master.

IOT solutions

EDGE IOT is the basis for digitizing your business. We are specialized in the implementation of Data Acquisition Systems. We control communications at all levels.

Transport networks

FLEXIBILITY. In a setting defined by the boom of connected devices, the transport networks must allow reconfiguration adaptable and defined by software of all the elements in a surroundings of unified administration, multiuser and oriented to the service.

Communications networks

CONNECTIVITY of devices, people and places. It improves connectivity in both quantity and quality and becomes the key piece of digital transformation.


RESILIENCE. The risk and security policies must be aligned with the objectives and the strategy of your company. Manage the risk in real time. Protect your data.


Our technical capabilities, flexibility and proximity allow us to offer the best solutions and those that are most appropriate to the specific and real needs of our clients.

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